Transmission Service

Using the latest in state-of-the-art technology, we will install a safe and effective cleaner to suspend harmful varnish and sludge from the transmission valve body, torque converter and lines and install new high-tech fluid with conditioners.

Just like your engine, you should have your transmission serviced regularly. When Gene Gorman Tire & Auto Repair services your transmission, we:

  • Remove and inspect the pan
  • Clean or replace the screen
  • Clean the pan
  • Reinstall the pan
  • Install a new gasket
  • Replace old transmission fluid with new, high quality fluid
  • Make any additional needed changes and adjustments

By replacing the old transmission fluid, the expert team at Gene Gorman Tire & Auto Repair essentially gives your vehicle’s transmission new life. The new fluid restores your clutch’s holding power. This reduces slip and heat production. Additionally, flushing the old fluid gets rid of small bits of clutch material and metal shavings, which can damage your transmission by clogging passages and wedging themselves between moving parts. Getting rid of the old fluid reduces wear within the transmission.

Replacing old fluid with new also provides better lubrication within the transmission, which boosts the holding ability of the transmission’s friction components. Improved lubrication also results in less heat. By decreasing friction and heat, your transmission will work better for a longer amount of time. A simple service can save you the money and time that come with a major transmission repair or replacement.

At Gene Gorman Auto Repair we can take car of your transmission problems. Whether your vehicle is shifting hard, slipping through gears or just plain won’t go anywhere, we can help! Most transmission problems are not always related to the actual transmission. There are speed sensors and solenoid shift packs that control the vehicles computer that can give symptoms of transmission failure. In most cases a simple diagnostic test can tell us where to start. In the event our customers do have major transmission damage we are able to do factory re-manufactured replacements at a very reasonable cost. Usually much cheaper than having the broken transmission rebuilt and certainly much faster turn around time.

At Gene Gorman Auto Repair we also specialize in four wheel drive components. We have the experience to fix axles, transfer cases, rear and front differentials, and drive shaft balance problems. Our staff are trained to work on 4×4 vehicles of all types from trucks to AWD cars. All wheel drive cars have become more popular than ever and are very common on the road today. We are also very tuned into the newer CVT style transmissions found in most Nissans and Mini Coopers. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today.