Engine Repair

At Gene Gorman Auto Repair we specialize in all types of engine repair. Most major engine repair is preventable through regular scheduled maintenance and keeping fluids in good condition. We perform all of the dealer reccomended services at both of our locations. In the instance there is a mechanical failure we have ASE certified technicians that will be performing the repairs for you and your family. We believe having a trained and nationally certified mechanic working on your car is extremely important. We would not let a non certified technician take our family’s life in their hands and neither should you.

At Gene Gorman Auto Repair we can perform any mechanical problem on every vehicle on the road. We have the latest tools, scanners, and training to work on even current model year vehicles. We repair water pumps, alternators, starters, timing belts, power steering components, radiators, brakes, Air conditioning and anything else that could possibly go wrong. We are also very experienced in HYBRID vehicles of all types. From Prius to Escalades we have you covered. We also use BG products for all of our fluid exchanges. BG is a nationally recognized company that provides solutions for expired fluids and dirty fuel delivery parts including injectors. In most cases these products improve fuel mileage and add life to the customers major components. We are very proud of our relationship with BG and think they have the best products for our customers and our own vehicles.

After experiencing the service we provide at both of our repair shops we are confident you will want to return for all of your maintenance needs. Also once you are in the system you will receive email or regular mail coupons for big savings on Oil Changes and other great money saving specials.